Product Care

Each bracelet is of natural stone and will have different variations and some stone are dyed/sealed for enhancement.  Please allow for slight blemishes, minor variations and natural flaws.

Please follow the important care for this jewelry to avoid damage and breakage. Although strong by nature they need to be specially cared for:

Avoid exposure to liquids and moisture. Wrapping gems in cloth, silk, or velvet can ensure preservation of luster and prevent damage.

Remove jewelry when engaging in strenuous physical activities.

Do not wear jewelry if there is risk of exposure to fluids or chemicals such as swimming or showering. Keep jewelry away from soap, perfumes, skin products, sun screen, & salt water.

If we offer a wrist size option on most  of our bracelets, the options will be as follows:

Extra Small - Minus 6

Small bracelet - 6.+- inches

Medium bracelet- 6.5+- inches (this is the average size that fits most)

Large bracelet- 7. +-inches

Extra Large - 7.5 +- inches

We will get as close as possible to the above sizes.  Each bracelet is made with different size beads so the circumference will vary. Take into consideration of how you want your bracelet to fit on your wrist.  Some prefer them to fit just right so there isn't much movement where as others like a very loose fit.  We want you to be able to choose!

To measure your wrist, use a flexible measuring tape, measure the circumference of you wrist by fitting it right below the wrist bone.  Select the closest corresponding sizing from above.  Please note that each bracelet is made of stretchable nylon and will have a natural give.